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of designed object:

It all starts with architecture. Cultured. Like the quote: Franco Albini and La Stanza per un Uomo. A reminiscence from the 1936 Architecture Triennale, when Albini investigated male virtues in a few meters. Timeless avant-garde.

The project’s fulcrum is the presence of a man and his two complementary individualities: the tailor and the customer. With an almost brutalist tone, a grumpy yet graceful cut is the inquiring and voyeuristic message dedicated by the architects to one of the most rediscovered professions of the moment, the art of tailoring. The crack is an augmented - but not virtual - reality look: revealed tailoring.

The next room is the climax: here is the meeting, the sartorial dialogue. The interpretation of the three-sided mirror becomes a structure with the function of a screen and dressing room. The minimalist coffee table is a platform for conversation. Tailoring accomplished.

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