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Worldwide Flagship store, shop in shop, corner and more

“The project is a narrative synthesis: it needs to "tell" the theme with few synthetic elements. And this is not simply representing a great fashion brand, but telling “the world of Brioni”. “The world of Brioni", because we believe that here communication and storytelling are not just about a high-quality production, but a lifestyle...


What makes a product always up-to-date is the ability to express strong contemporary and innovative traits while keeping in mind the lessons of history and tradition.


This concept, valid for all the products that arise from creative planning, from design to fashion, fits perfectly to describe the world of Brioni: a great tailoring tradition, high craftsmanship that reinterprets the contemporary into a future projection, through a Brand capable of representing these values ​​all over the world. "


- Niccolò Menichini

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