Creating, not presenting

Creating an integrated project and strengthening a brand identity… Or helping to build it. To us, this is the very heart of an architectural concept. 

The place which best expresses a brand’s values – its domus or home – is the retail space. Painting an accurate picture of a brand’s values, and making it visible and unique, is the challenge we face every day.

Drawing on our passion and practical experience, our practice starts out by analysing each space in order to create an identity. The process of analysis is adapted to reflect the background to each commission; the brand’s past, present and future must be part of the design project from the outset. 

We believe in the aesthetic content and great value of objects, materials and perspectives when it comes to creating a Brand/Place. Detail is design, craft (Kraft) and the premise for innovation.

We believe in the value of details; far from being marginal, they lie at the core of the passion which drives us.

Decorative and practical features, simply a “normality” in the project as a whole, become the expression of our technical know-how, making it unique and distinctive.
Drawings are the origin and the driving force for each project, a process made up of patient, continuous, instinctive experiments which shape, polish and perfect the end result.
Drawings form the basis of our work, the craftsmanship which guides the fundamental digital preparation. Without this basis, our work would be reduced to an endless series of banal copies and unremitting standardisation.
We believe in creating, not presenting.



MOOD / FALL / 2016